Saturday, January 26, 2013

Android Ballink: Hexa 1.0.2 apk

Ballink: Hexa 1.0.2 is one of the most recommended applications for your android devices. This application is the developed version of the Ballink: Hexa. The previous application of Ballink: Hexa is one of the most favorite application for android devices. It is very helpful and interesting application for your android devices. It also has better performance than the previous version of the Ballink: Hexa  application that will support your android device performance.

You can get the Ballink: Hexa application from Google Play Store. You can visit the Google Play Store directly from your android devices and install it in your android device. You can get the application very easy through your android devices.

The Features of Ballink: Hexa 1.0.2

The Ballink: Hexa has various features which are better than the Ballink: Hexa] features. To be compared with the previous version, Ballink: Hexa has a lot better development. These are some of the Ballink: Hexa  features.

APK Features

Enjoy hours of fun with this highly addictive game!

Slide your finger to create chains of the same colored two or more balls.

Link more balls and use exciting power-ups to get higher scores.

Enjoy the beautiful high definition graphics while listening to relaxing original sound tracks.


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On the other hand, these are the features of the Ballink: Hexa application.


These are the explanations of the Ballink: Hexa that are absolutely very useful and helpful for your daily activities. You can download this application from this site directly from your android device and install it right after you download Ballink: Hexa 1.0.2.

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