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Get Jewel Candy Maker 1.0.4 Apk for Android

Have you ever tried to use Jewel Candy Maker in your android device? This app is so good android application that you need to have it. It brings many features which can make you very like it. The latest version is Jewel Candy Maker 1.0.4. Jewel Candy Maker 1.0.4 may be downloaded from Google Play Store. So, if you want to download it in your android device, just open your Play Store application and search Jewel Candy Maker. Below this is detail of the application.

Jewel Candy Maker 1.0.4

Features of Jewel Candy Maker 1.0.4

Jewel Candy Maker 1.0.4 brings several features which will make you very like it. Here is summary of the application according to official web page from Play Store

Love candies but tired of making the same old candies over and over? If so, then Jewel Candy Maker is just what you’ve been looking for! It’s a candy making game where you make edible rubies, amethysts, emeralds, sapphires, diamonds and more, all in shapes of your own choosing.

Make these irresistibly sweet candies from a selection of fruits like strawberries, cherries, grapes and even lemon. Turn your candy syrup into solid, edible gems by pouring it into an assortment of molds, ranging from simple square shaped jewels to gems in the shape of a star or even a marble. Pack them up neatly in fancy boxes and decorate them with covers and ribbons. A wide range of covers and ribbons are available, with more purchasable in the in-game Store along with different molds and candy flavors.

It doesn’t take a master chef to make these magnificent jewels. Cooking candy jewels is incredibly easy and a lot of fun. Just add water, sugar, corn syrup and the fruit flavor you want to use to a cooking utensil. Stir the mixture and let boil for a while. When it’s done, pour it into molds, wait for it to cool down, and ‘Voila’! Your candy jewels are ready!

Be sure not to overcook your candy jewels though, and don’t make a mess when pouring your candy syrup into molds. If you don’t pour the syrup into molds neatly, the candy jewels will come out as one large chunk. You’ll crush the candy jewels if you try to separate them!

✔Attractive, colorful visuals.
✔Countless possibilities – More than a hundred different possible combinations to make every box of candy jewels different.
✔Kids friendly content – A real eye candy for kids - Bring out the creativity in your children! No violence or monsters or zombies or scares.
✔Unlockable Store items for your candy jewels – More molds for different shapes, more boxes to pack your gem-like candies in and more ribbons to gift wrap it with.
✔ Share with friends – Share your candy jewels with your friends on Facebook.

Jewel Candy Maker is brought to you by Nutty Apps – makers of the top apps for kids like: Stand O Cupcake Maker, Candy Maker, Coffee Maker, Ice Candy Maker, Smoothie Maker Now, Sky Burger Maker, Cake Mania Slice It, Donut Maker 2 and Ice Cream Maker.

All BGMs are the property of Kevin MacLeod. All rights reserved.
© 2001-2012 Kevin MacLeod.

App supports Android 2.2(Froyo) to Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean.

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Jewel Candy Maker Jewel Candy Maker

Download Jewel Candy Maker 1.0.4 apk Android

And finally, we advise that you install this application into your android device. Follow this link to download Jewel Candy Maker 1.0.4 directly into your android device.

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