Friday, January 25, 2013

Download Panda Run HD 1.1.2 apk Android

Panda Run HD is one of the most popular applications for android device nowadays. This application is very useful and being the most favorite application. As the android user, you are really recommended to apply this application in your android device. This will be very helpful to boost the performance of your android device. Besides very useful, this application is also very interesting that make many android users apply it.

Installing Panda Run HD 1.1.2

Panda Run HD is also very easy to be used, so that it will not cause many problems for the new android users. You can visit Google Play Store application in your android devices to download Panda Run HD 1.1.2 and directly install it in your android devices. This application will be very useful for your android device.

The Features of the Panda Run HD 1.1.2

Panda Run HD is providing various features that will be very supportable for your android device. The application is also very interesting that will be very good to drive out your bored feeling. These are the interesting features of the Panda Run HD applications that will satisfy you.

APK Features

Long long ago...
There have a brave panda. In order to get the legendary soul stone, decided to step into the unknown shrine, tireless running in the Temple of the maze and collect the fragments of the soul stone, step by step towards the goal ...

★ This is a very cool 3D games, with endless fun.

★ Leaderboards and achievements of the game in local history, challenge yourself to reach a higher level.

★ Simple swing and tilt control, easy to use, comfortable feel.

★ Per unit to collect a certain amount of soul stone can trigger a random skills.

★ Collect more soul stone to unlock the skills, and more fun.

★ The lovely of the pandas, but agility, cornering, jumping, sliding, tilt a variety of martial arts.

★ Variety of play, freeze time, floating island, landslides, make you thrilling.

★ Fun, so that you can not help but want to do it again!

★ This app is HD,more clear than Panda Run.

How to play?
1 Jump: slide your finger up.
2 Roll: slide your finger down.
3 Turn left: Slide your finger to the left.
4 Turn right: Slide your finger to the right.
5 Move left: Left tilting the phone.
6 Move right: Right tilting the phone.

Newest Features:

            support for pad
fix one bug of sound


Those features are very interesting and useful for your android device that will be very helpful for your daily activities. Panda Run HD 1.1.2 is very recommended for your android device. You should have it in your android device by downloading it from here. Enjoy!

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