Friday, January 25, 2013

New Release Apk Photo Effects 3.3 for Android

Have you ever tried to use Photo Effects on the android device? This app is really very good android app which you should have it. It brings several features which will make you really like it. The newest version is Photo Effects 3.3. Photo Effects 3.3 may be downloaded from Google Play Store. So, if you want to download it to your android device, just open up your Google Play app and search Photo Effects. Below this is detail of the application.

Features of Photo Effects 3.3

Photo Effects 3.3 brings many features which will make you very enjoy it. Here's summary of the application based on official web page from Play Store

Create unique and awesome cool effects for your photos and share them with friends and family using Twitter, Facebook, Email or any other photo sharing application or expand the art with a Photo Editor.

Create Effects like Photo Negative effect, Gray scale image, Weaver Effect, Sketch effects, Neon Effects, Mirror effects, Bump Effect, God Effect or Light Effect, Marble Effect, Oil Paint Effect, Bend Effect, Stamp Effect, Big Brother Effect, Twirl Effect, Under Water Effect (Put your friends under water - Your version of Water boarding :) ), Blocks effect, Sun Burn effect as if your friends spent the day at Beach, Television Effect (Ever wonder how you look on TV? This is the effect for you), Old times Photos (Ever wonder how you would in 1930's? This is for you), Sepia Color effects, Engrave Effect, Snow Effect, Round Corner Photo effects (Making them suitable for Fun Photo Frames), Photo Flip (Flip Photo's vertically and horizontally for more fun), Princes effects (make your daughter, girlfriend, wife feel like princes with princess style photo), Behind Glass effect (As if person is behind a thick glass), Crazy Split (Make Funny Photo Booth effect), Circle Invert, Ripple Effect (Create ripples with photo), Split (Split the photo into magic corners), Red Tone Sepia, Green Tone Sepia, Blue Tone Sepia Photo, No Red Tone Sepia Color, No Green Sepia Sepia Effect, No Blue Sepia Camera.

Create 30 amazing effects with your and your friends and your family photo's. Amaze every one with your unique Image Filters.

You can turn a photo into Sketch using the Photo Effects. Add Neon Style effects that can be using Magic Marker kind of applications.

The effects are unique compared to most photo editing software making the app and alternative to photo editing software. Instead of editing your pictures, Create awesome picture effects and Photo Art. You can create unique Photo Albums with these Photos. There are effects that defy Photo Age and make you look like Professional Photographer.

You can create many Photo Booth effects with the photo's that are create and shared with any Photo Editor application or Photo Viewer application or Save it to your Google Drive or Drop box. Create great looking Photo Collages by including Photo's from Photo Effects app. Photo Effects creates photos that are easy to hide making it photo hider.

Funny effects like Twirl Deforms the photos in funny way and create funny Funny Photo Illusions. The creates effects that are only possible in Photo Lab of professional in your phone. A Great Photo Maker if you are into Photo Mania. Picture draw effects makes great art. Paint with Joy with on Art created by Photo Effects. Sketch and Draw something on the art created by Photo effects.

Use Camera to take a new photo and make them look funny instantly with Photo Booth Effects. Use any Photo Editor by sharing like Picsay or Picsart which make good companion with Photo Effects.

Now with Facebook integration to pick photos from Facebook. Select your photo's or your friends from Facebook and Create Photo Effects with them and share them back on Facebook. Best Facebook Photo companion

Photo Effects create Photo deformer effects, Photo Glitter Effects and you can play Photo Hunt with the effects that are created. Photo Illusions that are created helps better to reduce Photo Blur.

Photo Effects Photo Effects

The newest version, Photo Effects 3.3 also brings several changes and improvements, here are:

Added 6 More Effects. Now a Total 36 Effects.

Download Photo Effects 3.3 apk Android

And finally, we recommend that you set up this application in your android device. Follow this link to download Photo Effects 3.3 directly into your android device.

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