Sunday, January 27, 2013

Angry Monkey 1.1.0 Updates

Angry Monkey is well-known among  android users; moreover, those who have many business that need to be managed. This application is the latest update from the previous version of Angry Monkey 1.1.0. For you who have many things to be reminded and managed, you must install this application for supporting your android.

How to Install Angry Monkey 1.1.0 on Your Phone

Get the Angry Monkey from Google Play store. Visit Google Play Store from your smartphone application, My Apps, and choose Angry Monkey to later install it for your smartphone. Besides, you can also download it from the Play Store. Some other websites also offer you link for downloading Angry Monkey application.

Angry Monkey 1.1.0 Features for Android Smartphone

The Angry Monkey application is very easy to be used. It helps you to memorize anything in your device. You can use the application features for supporting your smartphone performance.

Features of this apk:

Most classic casual game is free now! Let’s engage Monkey King Quest and storm our brain!
If you love the fruit party in the tropical rainforest, you can’t miss this fun; cute puzzle game combines both lovely monkey and delicious fruits!
Angry Monkey is a brand new, jungle-styled physics puzzle game that will keep your brains working for hours! Perfect control, endless fun, a fantastic combination of puzzle and entertainment!

You won’t stop it after you start the game!

【How to play: 】
★to help Monkey get the coco by combining different kinds of blocks to create constructions.
★to choose between variety of blocks like stone girders, circle-shaped water melons, sunflower ventilators and more.
★If you succeed to create a perfect mechanism - the coco will fall right into the Monkey’s hands!
★Some levels are created to teach you how to begin this highly exciting game, but others will keep you guessing for a long time.
★To mention, there always is several puzzle solutions, and your work is to find out the most elegant one.
★So easy! Right? Prove your architect skills, here we go!

Newest Features:


It is very easy and flexible, as you can use this apk everywhere whether when you are at your home, office, or when you are on the way. This application is lot better than the previous application. If you are interested with the features of the application, you should download it here, install Angry Monkey 1.1.0 application in your android devices, and enjoy all of the features for your android devices.

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